Power BI – Beginner

Start your Power BI journey here! This course will take you from a complete beginner to an intermediate user of Power BI, while teaching you some DAX and Power Query along the way! The course begins by providing a tour of the Power BI ecosystem. Next, you will learn how to connect to real sales data stored in a SQL Server database and transform and clean the data prior to data load. We cover relationships and why they're useful, as well as how to create basic visualizations. We immediately turn our focus to report design basics, and then transition to learning how to write DAX in order to create calculated columns and measures to enrich the data model and drill into deeper insights.

When the report has been fully developed, we learn how to publish the report to Power BI Service. From there, you will learn how to share the report, set up automatic data refreshes, and subscriptions. Finally, we look into the differences between Power BI dashboards and reports.

By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable authoring reports in Power BI Desktop and navigating Power BI Service once you are finished developing. This course provides a full-scale learning opportunity of the most important parts of the Power BI ecosystem. If you're excited, enroll by purchasing the individual course or by subscribing monthly for access to all of the training courses available on the BI Elite training portal. You even have the option to purchase all current and future courses for a one-time payment.

Take a look at the following Power BI report embedded below. This is the exact Power BI report that you will learn how to build in this Power BI course for beginners! Click around and interact with the report to get a feel for how powerful a Power BI report can truly be. And when you're ready, let's start your Power BI journey!

Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Parker Stevens Parker Stevens Author

Parker is the creator of the BI Elite YouTube channel, a community of over 30,000 students learning Power BI, DAX, and Power Query. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for his work with Power BI and continues to provide elite Power Platform training courses to help data analysts, BI developers, and citizen dashboard creators reach their goals. Parker is committed to producing high-quality training content that is also extremely cost-effective, to ensure that the largest amount of users can benefit from the content. Training courses located at https://training.bielite.com/


Building Your First Report

Report Design Basics

Advanced Analysis with DAX

Publishing to Power BI Service

Final Words

  • Syllabus

    • Introduction
    • Building Your First Report
      • Getting Data from SQL Server Database
      • Editing Data with Power Query
      • Creating Relationships Between Tables
      • Visualizing Data
    • Report Design Basics
      • Report Styling Basics
      • Conditional Formatting
      • Editing Interactions
      • Themes
    • Advanced Analysis with DAX
      • Calculated Columns
      • Introduction to Measures
      • Advanced Measures
      • DAX Functions Reference
    • Publishing to Power BI Service
      • Creating a Power BI Account
      • Setting up a Workspace and Publishing
      • 4 Ways to Share Reports
      • Setting Up Automatic Data Refreshes
      • Subscriptions
      • Dashboards vs Reports
    • Final Words
      • Congratulations and Next Steps
      • Course Feedback