If you’ve landed on my blog, you’re probably interested in learning Power BI to solve complex data problems, advance your career, or just because you love data visualization. If you don’t know already, we run a Power BI and data technology training site with the aim of bringing effective and affordable training to all.

We’ve recently expanded to allow teams to join our training platform. Instead of signing up as an individual, you can enroll your entire team, whether it’s 5 team members, 20, or more. We want to make sure that your entire team has access to the Power BI knowledge necessary to create an effective data culture in your organization. Signing up a team unlocks a 25% to 45% discount depending on your team size. If this sounds interesting, make sure to check out our Training for Teams page to select a plan and get your team up-to-speed with the latest data technologies.

All team plans provide access to ALL courses on the platform, as well as access to all live, real-world datasets to practice with. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our Team pricing!

Parker Stevens

Parker is the creator of the BI Elite YouTube channel, a community of over 30,000 students learning Power BI, DAX, and Power Query. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for his work with Power BI and continues to provide elite Power Platform training courses to help data analysts, BI developers, and citizen dashboard creators reach their goals. Parker is committed to producing high-quality training content that is also extremely cost-effective, to ensure that the largest amount of users can benefit from the content. Training courses located at https://training.bielite.com/