The above video walks you through how to set up a stacked bar chart to show 1 (or more) categories against the rest of the categories in Power BI with DAX. This is a bit difficult to explain without an example, so here’s a gif showing the finished product:

Here’s the final DAX code necessary to set this up:

Sales vs Others = 
VAR CurrentCategory = MAX('Categories + Other'[Category Name])
VAR CurrentCategoryStacked = MAX('Categories + Other (Stacked)'[Category Name])
VAR SelectedCategories = ALLSELECTED(Categories[Category Name])
VAR PossibleCategories = ALL(Categories[Category Name])
   CurrentCategory IN SelectedCategories && CurrentCategoryStacked = CurrentCategory, 
      [Total Sales],
      Categories[Category Name] = CurrentCategory
   CurrentCategory = "Others", 
      [Total Sales], 
         ALL(Categories[Category Name]),
         Categories[Category Name] IN PossibleCategories
         && NOT(Categories[Category Name] IN SelectedCategories)
         && Categories[Category Name] = CurrentCategoryStacked

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Parker Stevens

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